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If you need a Musician or Orchestra Contractor in Los Angeles, look no further. I have over 26 years of experience contracting all types of musical situations. Contrary to popular belief, there is MUCH more to musician contracting than just picking up the telephone and booking the players.
I specialize in full project management from start to finish in order to allow you, the composer to do what you do: write the music.

The Angel City Studio orchestra had a busy 2013 culminating in one of the biggest scores to be contracted in LA this past year. The movie is "Need for Speed" due out spring of 14' and Nathan Furst was the composer.
I hired 60 strings, 17 brass, 3 percussion, a vocalist and guitarist.
Once I get information on what instrumentation you're writing for I can then generate an Excel budget within your scope for the specific project.
No project is either too big nor too small...there are also many creative lower budget recording scales in place now to keep you recording in LA, and this is better than you having to go out of town or use the internet to record elsewhere. My main goal is to keep the money in LA! I frequently book the studio, the engineer, the orchestration and copying team along with hiring the musicians. At the end of the whole process, I get everyone paid in a timely manner and follow up on all aspects.

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Batman Begins

Blessing Strings

Sega Game Strings

Sega Video Game
40 piece orch.

Sega Video Game
40 piece orch.

Sega Mushiking
50 piece orch.

"The District" TV Show
40 piece orch.

Comic Book Villains

I Stink Jazz Combo

Motocrossed 30 piece orchestra

Thomas & Friends 65 piece orchestra

Christina Aguilera Horns

* Special note to contractors – I still play trumpet as a sideman every week for other contractors or employers. Please don’t let the fact that I also contract deter you in calling me to play great trumpet for you!

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