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Chris Tedesco has distinguished himself as a one of the top call trumpet players on the music scene in Los Angeles since 1987. Equally at home performing classical trumpet, lead trumpet or jazz solos, chamber music or orchestral pieces, Chris’s sound has been heard on numerous recordings for Movies, TV shows, TV Commercials, CD recordings, and live dates with some of the biggest names in the industry. He is also very active in the “business end” of music as a musician contractor/project manager for some of this recorded and live work as well.

Early trumpet training in his hometown of Niagara Falls New York included studies with Sal Paonessa, Hy Freeman, Ron Mendola, and then Chuck Lirette of the Buffalo Philharmonic. Awards for All County band and Jazz Band were awarded for 6th through 12th grade, along with All State Band and Jazz Band, All Eastern Band and finally National Honors Band in his senior year. For his senior concerto concert Chris performed the Arban’s “Carnival of Venice” to a packed house and multiple standing ovations. Chris’s University training included one year at the State University of New York at Fredonia for one year under William Dederer and four years under Gil Johnson, (former Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra 1958-75) at the University of Miami in Florida for four years.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Music and Music Business, Chris freelanced in Western New York in the Artpark Theater Orchestra, which allowed him the chance to play with members of the Buffalo Philharmonic, The National Ballet of Canada and the Martha Graham Dance Co. A short stint on the road with the Glenn Miller Band and over a year with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and then Cruise ships brought him to Los Angeles in 1987 where he has been freelancing ever since.

“From Classical Trumpet to 1930’s authentic swing to screaming horn section parts, you WON’T find a more versatile Trumpeter in LA - period”.



FORKED - Susan Feniger Documentary - Trumpet, Horn Contractor
James Brown: Say It Loud
Mountain Boy - Trumpet
Freelance - Mariachi Trumpet solos
Arnold - Scharwzenegger - Documentary - Trumpet, French Horn
Babylon - 2022 - Trumpet/Trombone
Slumberland - Latin Trumpet - Netflix
Plague At The Golden Gate - Trumpet & French Horn solos
For the Love of Money (II) - Trumpet soloist
Susan Feniger - Forked - Documentary - Trumpet, French Horn
Black Friday-Trumpet, French Horn
On Broadway-Documentary-Trumpet, Trombone
All In-The Fight For Democracy-Trumpet, Trombone
All My Life - Trumpet soloist
The Princess Switch:Switched Again-NETFLIX-Trumpet, Horn, Bone
Christmas On The Square-NETFLIX - Trumpet
The Knight Before Christmas-NETFLIX - Trumpet soloist
The Greatest Showman - Trumpet - This is Me
Lilly's Light-Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn
We Are Boats - Trumpet, Contractor, Conductor
Deany Bean is Dead - Trumpet
BUTTER - Trumpet solos
Bottom of the Ninth - Contractor, Conductor,Trumpet
A Boy, A Man and a Kite - Contractor, Conductor, Trumpet
Frank and Ava - Trumpet/Source music
Bulletproof 2 - Trumpet
Tread - Trumpet
Akicita - The Battle of Standing Rock - Trumpet/Contractor
A Greater Society - Documentary - Trumpet solos
Green Days By the River - Trumpet
9/11 - Charlie Sheen, Whoppi Goldberg - Classical Trumpet
Little Italy - Trumpet solos
Forever My Girl - Trumpet
Need for Speed - Trumpet, Contractor
Heartbeats - Trumpet, Contractor
We Were Nothing - Trumpet, Contractor
Field of Lost Shoes - Trumpet solos
Olympus Has Fallen - Trumpet solos
Assassins Code - Trumpet solos
Ideal Home - Trumpet
The 6th Degree - Trumpet solos
186 Dollars to Freedom - Trumpet, Contractor
Iron Cross - Trumpet/Contractor
Balls Out-Gary the Tennis Coach - Trumpet
Our Family Wedding - Trumpet
Perfect Host - Trumpet
Just Deserts - Trumpet
The Onion Movie - Trumpet
The Losers - Trumpet
The Finder - Trumpet
Madly Madagascar - Trumpet
Midway - A Plastic Island - Doc. film - Trumpet, Contractor, Conductor
Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Trumpet
Teen Titans - Judas Contract - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League Dark-Apokolips War - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League - Gotham City Breakout - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League vs. Teen Titans - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League - Gods and Monsters - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League - Throne of Atlantis - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League - Trapped in Time - Trumpet, Contractor
Justice League - Flashpoint Paradox - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Wonder Woman - Bloodlines - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Batman - Red Son - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Batman - HUSH - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - The Reign of Superman - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - The Death of Superman - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Batman - Gotham By Gaslight - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Batman - Bad Blood - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Batman vs. Robin - Trumpet, Contractor
DC Comics - Son of Batman - Trumpet, Contractorr
DC Comics - Beware the Batman - Trumpet, Contractor
Burlesque - Christina Aguilera, Cher - Trumpet, Contractor
Memory of Forgotten War - Trumpet, Contractor
Company of Heros - Trumpet solos
Significant Other - Trumpet
Old Photos - Trumpet
Jesustown USA - Trumpet
Big Mistake - Trumpet
El Western - Trumpet
The Last Confederate - The Story of Robert Adams - Trumpet
There Eyes Were Dry - Trumpet, Contractor
American Fable - Trumpet
Absolute Power - Clint Eastwood- Trumpet-pre-record music
After the Storm - Trumpet, Contractor
American Reunion - Trumpet
Batman Begins - Trumpet, Contractor
Bad Habits - Trumpet
Best in Show - Trumpet - Christopher Guest
Blessings - Trumpet, Contractor-CBS TV movie
Brothers Solomon - Trumpet, Contractor
Burlesque - Trumpet/Contractor (producers Linda Perry and Salaam Remi)
Bring It On - Fight to the Finish - Trumpet
Boat Trip - Artisan - pre-record music - Trumpet
Cats Meow - Trumpet solos
Clockwatchers - Trumpet
Cool World - Trumpet - Paramount– source music
Copperhead - Trumpet
The Deported - Trumpet solos
Dog Walker – Universal - Trumpet
The Don's Analyst - Trumpet-Paramount
Durango Kids – Disney Channel - Trumpet
Employee of the Month - Trumpet
Finding Nemo – Thomas Newman - Trumpet
For Your Consideration – Christopher Guest - Trumpet
Fortune Hunters - Trumpet
Four Christmas's - Trumpet
Full Court Miracle – Disney - Trumpet-Contractor
Funny Money - Trumpet soloist
Heaven & Earth – Oliver Stone - Cornet soloist
Home of the Brave - Trumpet
The Grand - Trumpet, Contractor
The Hammer - Trumpet
Infinity – Matthew Broderick- Trumpet
Ironman 1 - big band source music - Trumpet
Jump In - Disney - Trumpet-Contractor
Joshua - Trumpet
Lorenzo’s Oil - Trumpet
Luminous Journey - Trumpet
Major Movie Star - Jessica Simpson - Trumpet
Malos Habitos - Trumpet, Contractor
Manna From Heaven - Trumpet
Medusa’s Child – CBS TV movie - Trumpet
The Mexican – Brad Pitt– Mariachi music - Trumpet
Missing Pieces – Lions Gate - Trumpet
Mom’s Got a Date w/ a Vampire – Trumpet-Contractor
Moolah - big band source music - Trumpet
Motocrossed – Disney - Trumpet-Contractor
Mullholland Falls – Nick Nolte– Solo Cornet
Mushi King I & II – SEGA cartoon movies - Trumpet-Contractor
Naked City – Paramount - Trumpet
National Lampoons Gold Digger - Trumpet
Next Day Air - Trumpet
Nixon – pre-record music - Trumpet
Noise - Trumpet
Norbit - Trumpet-Pussy Cat Dolls track
Northern Lights – Diane Keaton - Trumpet, Contractor
Over the Moon - Trumpet
Oceans Twelve - Trumpet
Phat Girlz - Trumpet/Contractor
Proud Family - Disney Channel - Trumpet-Contractor
Randy and the Mob - Trumpet
Red Belt - David Mamet - Trumpet, Contractor
Riot – Showtime - Trumpet solos
Road to Perdition – Thomas Newman - Trumpet
See Arnold Run – TV movie - Trumpet
Shackles - Trumpet, Contractor
Son of the Mask - Trumpet
Star Trek - First Contact - Trumpet - Moonlight Becomes You
Still Waiting - Trumpet
Stonebrook - Trumpet
Streetfighter-Legend of Chun Li - Trumpet-Contractor
Stuart Little 3 - Call of the Wild - Trumpet
Teddy Bears Picnic - Trumpet
Thick As Thieves - Alec Baldwin - Trumpet
Tiara Tango - Trumpet
Twelve Days of Terror – TV movie - Trumpet
Twice Upon A Time - TV Movie - Trumpet
Under New Management - Trumpet-Contractor
Winchell – HBO – solo Trumpet


Palm Royale TV Series - Apple TV - Trumpet, Trombone
Tyler Perry The OVAL - Season 5, episode 5
The Sympathizer - HBO - Season 1, Episode 6, Dixieland
GHOSTS - CBS - Season 2, Episode 2 - 1920's Cornet
Big Nate Cartoon - Trumpet and Trombone
Go Dog Go Cartoon-Netflix-all Season 1-all episodes-Trumpet, Horn, Bone
Samurai Rabbit-Usagi Chronicles-Cartoon - all episodes
Ridley Jones Cartoon - Season 1
Helpsters Cartoon-all epsisodes-Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone
Blaze and the Monster Machines-Trumpet and Trombone
Filthy Rich - Season 1, Ep. 5 - Trumpet solo
NARCOS 2015 - Columbia - Trumpet, season 2, episode 5
Jeopardy - Trumpet, French Horn - Marching Band version
Perpetual Grace - Trumpet,Trombone
S.W.A.T. - Season 2, episode 18 - Trumpet
Miles From Tommorwland - cartoon - all episodes - Trumpet
The Alliance of American Football Theme-Trumpet, Horn and Trombone
The Politician Seasons 1 and 2 - Trumpet - all episodes
Still Laugh-in - The Stars Celebrate - Trumpet, Contractor
Mission Force One Cartoon series - all epsiodes
Liberty: Mother of Exiles - Trumpet
American Horror Story Cult Season 7 - Theme - Trumpet/French Horn
RBUK Theme song - Trumpet
I Love Dick - Amazon - all episodes - Trumpet
FEUD - all episodes - Trumpet
A Greater Society - Trumpet
The Good Fight - Trumpet
The Quad - Trumpet
Timeless - Trumpet
Jessica Jones - Trumpet
Tangled Cartoon Series - Trumpet
Castle TV series - Trumpet solos
The Americans - Trumpet
Madame Secretary - solo Trumpet
Scorpion - Trumpet/Contractor
Beware the Batman series - all episodes - Trumpet, Contractor
Family Tree - all episodes - Trumpet
Mutt and Stuff - Cartoon - Trumpet
All Hail King Julien - Cartoon - Trumpet
We Bare Bears - Trumpet
Twelve Monkeys - Trumpet
Monday Night Football theme "Heavy Action" - Trumpet - 2011 to present
Making History - 1920's Trumpet solos
Mickey and the Roadster Racers - Cartoon - Trumpet
The Kennedys - Reelz - Theme-Solo Trumpet
HOMELAND - Theme music - all episodes - Jazz Trumpet solos
Parenthood - with Cee Lo Green - Trumpet
Best Time Ever - Neil Patrick Harris - Trumpet
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, Dawn - Cartoon - Trumpet
Sheriff Callies Wild West - all episodes - Cartoon - Trumpet
The Adventures of Puss in Boots - Cartoon - Trumpet
Friends with Better Lives - Trumpet
Marco Polo TV series - Trumpet, Contractor
NHL - Winter Classic - Trumpet, Contractor
The NEXT - Trumpet/Contractor
The Playboy Club - Trumpet/horn arrnager
Magic Beyond Words - The J.K. Rowling Story - Trumpet
Green Lantern Cartoon series - all episodes - Trumpet, Contractor
Bill Clinton Documentary - PBS - Trumpet
How To Be A Gentleman - Theme song - Trumpet, Contractor
Miles From Tomorrowland - Cartoon - Trumpet
All Hail King Julien - Cartoon - Trumpet
The Finder - Trumpet
Magic City - Starz-all episodes - Trumpet, Contractor
The Legend of Korra - Dixieland - Trumpet, Contractor
The Zula Patrol - Trumpet/Contractor
Americna Experience PBS - Las Vegas - Trumpet, Contractor
American Experience - PBS - JFK - Trumpet, Contractor
American Idol TV show - Trumpet
American Valor – PBS - Trumpet
Americas Best Dance Crew - MTV - Trumpet
Brisco Co. Jr – Warner Bros - Trumpet
Cheech & Chong-Comedy Central - Trumpet
Chicago Hope - FOX - Trumpet
The District – theme – CBS – Trumpet-Contractor
El Tigre – Nickelodeon - Trumpet soloist
Ellen De Generes – NBC - Trumpet
Encore, Encore - Paramount - Trumpet
FOX NFL - theme - Trumpet
FOX NBA - theme - Trumpet
FOX NCAA Football - theme - Trumpet
FOX NCAA Basketball - theme - Trumpet
Gossip Girl - WB - Trumpet
The Guardian – theme – CBS – solo piccolo trumpet
Harpers island - CBS - Trumpet
Just Deserts – Hallmark TV movie - Trumpet
Joe Millionaire - Trumpet
King of Queens - Trumpet-Contractor
Latin Grammy’s 2004 - Trumpet
Lifetime Channel Trailer - Trumpet
The LOOP - Trumpet
MAD TV - Trumpet
Mike Hammer - Trumpet solos
Million Dollar Listing - Trumpet
Monday Night Football – Jim Belsuhi - ABC - Trumpet, Contractor
National Geographic - Trumpet
Pet Alien – theme – Cartoon Network - Trumpet, Contractor
PBS – American Experience - Trumpet
Rod Stewart Music Video - Trumpet, Contractor
Room For Two - ABC - Trumpet
Stripperella TV series - Trumpet
SAG Awards - Trumpet, Electronic Valve Instr.
Sisters – Warner Bros - Trumpet
Star Trek Next Generation – Paramount - Trumpet
Star Trek Deep Space Nine – Paramount - Trumpet
Star Trek Voyager – Paramount - Trumpet
Star Trek Enterprise – Paramount - Trumpet
X – Files – FOX – source music - Trumpet


This is Me - The Greatest Showman
Morrissey - California Son - the tunes-Lady Willpower, Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets
Andra Day - Cheers to the Fall - Trumpet
R is for Romeo - Dan Stein/Stuart Ziff
- the tunes Checkmate, Go Play In The Street, Barney's Groove
Gustavo de Hostos - Come Fly With me - All Songs
Gloria Trevi - El Amor CD - Cama Y Mesa - Trumpet
Gloria Trevi - El Amor CD - Conductor/Music Contractor - Trumpet
Brian Burton/Karen O - Lux Prima - all songs - Trumpet, Trombone, Contractor
Brian Burton/James Mercer-Broken Bells - all songs
Brian Burton/James Mercer-Broken Bells 2 - all songs
Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway - String Contractor
Eric Waiwaina - Now That's a Fire
Loudin Swain - Present Time tune
Eddy Mitchell Big Band - all songs - Trumpet
Spinal Tap-Back From the Dead-Funky Sex Farm
Seu Jorge - Musicas Para Churrasco album
- tracks - A Doida, Veia, Amiga Da Minha Mulher, Japonesa, Ole Ole
Chris Tedeco - Living the Dream - originals- Shuffle This,
I've Got Some Kind of Rhythm, Race to the Bottom, Lewistonia
Disneyland - Main Street music
Shoshana Bean - O'Farrell Street - all songs
Robert Davi - Davi Sings Sinatra - all songs
Harry Shearer - Songs of the Bushmen - all songs
American Idol downloads
Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics - disc 2 - Trumpet-Contractor
- (producer Linda Perry) - Candyman, Nasty, Nauty Boy
Pussy Cat Dolls - PCD - Dontcha Wish - Trumpet-Contractor
Gnarles Barkley - St. Elsewhere - - all songs
Michael Buble - It's Time - Try A Little Tenderness,
You Don't Know Me
Josh Groban - Closer
Danny Seraphine - California Transit Authority
Burlesque tribute to Christina Aguilera
Bo Bice from American Idol
Vanessa Amorosi - Australia
Constantine from American Idol
William Josephs - "Beyond" - Produced by David Foster
Soul Savers
Antonia Bennett - Tony Bennett's daughter
Cheryl Bentyne-Let's Misbehave-My Heart Belongs to Daddy-Trumpet, Contractor
Cheryl Bentyne-The Book of Love-You Go To My Heart, Cry Me A River-Trumpet, Contractor
Cheryl Bentyne - Let Me Off Uptown - Trumpet-Contractor
Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds
Natalie Merchant - Motherland - Just Can't Last
Joe Cocker - Heart and Soul - Chain of Fools, I Who Have Nothing,
I Keep Forgetting
Joe Cocker - Respect Yourself - You Can't Have My Heart,
This Is Your Life, Respect Yourself, Midnight Without You
John Taylor (YES)
Johnny Blu - In Just That Kind of Mood
Dianne Schuur
Thom Rotella - Can't Stop - Lights Out
The Disney Afternoon - all songs
Royal Crown Revue - Tribute to Sinatra
Symphonic Tribute to Prince - Purple Rain
Mora's Modern Rhythmists - Devils Serenade - all songs
Mora's Modern Swingtet - 20th Century Closet
Mora's Modern Rhythmists - Goblin Market - all songs
Bennett Cale Project - Goodbye Kirkwood Dr.
Frank Sinatra jr.
Pat Boone - In a Metal Mood - You've Got Another Thing Comin,
No More Mr. Nice Guy, Paradise City
Brian Setzer - demos
Dwight Yoakum - Under the Covers - all songs
Paula Abdul
Robert Goulet
Candy Cane - Whole Lotta Love - all songs
Tokiko Kato - Born on the Earth
Juan Carlos Quintero
The Telling - Blue Solitaire - all songs
Joey Altruda - Cocktails with Joey - all songs
Jump with Joey - SKA BA - Artibella, El Diablo Ska
Composer-Shuffle This
Leslie Paula - Te Quiero
Bernie Meisinger Don't Be Afraid to Love
Marilyn Calvillo - Powerless
David Tyler Martin - Common Ground
Goin Public - Goin Public
Boom Shaka - Best Defenses


The GAP-with Katy Perry, KIA-SUV-Family Dinner
KIA Forte-One Fantastic Ride
Almay, Arby’s
Kohl's, Geico, Ameritrade
Disneyland-Bare Necessities-Trombone
Google, Dodge, ESPN, Disneyland, GOOGLE
Pier One, Apple, Beringer Wine, Bounty
Campari,, Chili’s, Chevy
Coke, Comcast Cable, CVS, Orkin
Dodge, Dunkin Donuts, EDS, E-Harmony
Energizer, Expedia, Ford, General Cinemas, Home Depot
Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Intel, Isuzu
Jeep, Kinko’s, Kirin Beer, KFC
Lexus, LG Cellphones, Mastercard, Mazda
Mc Donald’s, Mercedes Benz, Miller Lite, Minute Maid
Mitsubishi, NASCAR, NIKE, Nissan
Nutri-Grain, Oreo, Old Navy, Outback
Pac Bell, Panasonic, Red Lobster, PBS Great Performances
Pepsi, Ponderosa, Pontiac, Radio Shack
REMAX, Rice a Roni, Sapporo, Sea World
Staples, State Farm, Subway, Toyota, Volvo


Back 4 Blood
Watch Dogs: Legion
Civilization 6
Saint Seiya-SEGA - trumpet-contractor
Bejing Olympics - SEGA - trumpet-contractor
Mushiking I and II - SEGA - trumpet-contractor
Phantasy Star Universe - SEGA-trumpet-contractor
James Bond 007


Bobby Caldwell
Los Angeles Chargers - Bolts Bugler - year 1 & 2
Marc Broussard
Marcus Miller
The Marvel Experience
Frankie Valli
Don Rickles
Johnny Mathis
Tom Jones
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Donna Summer
Four Tops
Michael Feinstein
Storm Large
Vampire Weekend
Rene Olstead
David Foster
Josh Groban
The Irish Tenors
Barry Manilow
Royal Crown Revue
The Moody Blues
Christopher Cross
Jim Belushi
John Tesh
Mel Torme
Nancy Wilson
Sammy Davis jr.
Dianne Schuur
Lionel Hampton
Joe Cocker
Michael Bolton
David Raksin
Mora’s Modern Rhythmists
Mora’s Modern Swingtet
Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra
Bill Holman Big Band
Bob Florence Big Band
Jack Sheldon Big Band
Bill Watrous Big Band
Roger Neumann’s Rather Large Band
The National Ballet of Canada
Martha Graham Dance
The Peninsula, Brentwood, Palisades & Desert
Beverly Hills & Los Angeles Pops